A Story of Old Man and His Grand Son


Once upon a time in a small village, there lived a single-father by the name Jack. Jack was popularly known as Jack the Jolly, by the people of the village. He was always in a good mood despite any situation.

Jack Loved his son Hansel as he was his only person in the whole world. He took good care of his son and never let him feel the absence of a mother. One day while hansel was having his soup off a bowl, he dropped it and it broke into pieces. Poor hansel started to cry, but his father soon came to console him. Father said, Oh son! It is absolutely fine!. I will buy a new bowl for you. Don’t worry, Thank you, Father! said hansel.

Time passed and Hansel grew up to be a handsome man. Everyone in the village called him Hansel the handsome. Jack the Jolly was now known as Jack the Old. He had grown old and weak and the jolliness in him was fading away. But Hansel took good care of him and would make sure he was always by his father’s side whenever he needed him.

Days passed and Hansel soon fell in love with a girl called Elsie. They loved each other so much that they decided to get married. Hansel and Elsie got married. Jack was very happy for his son, but he was unaware of what was coming his way.

As a few months passed, Elsie started to show her true colors. She started to draw Hansel away from his father and soon, Hansel was a changed man. All the love and respect he had for his father, gradually diminished as he got more attached to his wife. Elsie would control Hansel and ensured that he fulfilled her whims and fancies. And Thus, Elsie managed to take Hansel away from his own father. She wanted her husband all to herself and started behaving rudely with Jack. This Influenced Hansel as well as stopped wishing for the well-being of his father.

A year passed and Elsie gave birth to a son – who named Harry. Harry brought a lease of a new life for Jack. He would play with harry and take good care of him as he used to of Jack but Elsie did not like the closeness of harry and his grandfather. One day she said, We send them to the old house. Jack replied we need someone to take care of harry.

Eight years passed by since Harry was born and Jack the Old Grew older and weaker. His eyes became dim, his ears dull of hearing and his hands and knees trembled. His Grandson was the only reason that kept him going. Soon, Jack’s situation worsened. His hands would tremble so much that he could not hold the spoon properly while eating.

One day while sitting at the dining table, he could hardly hold the spoon and spilled the broth upon the table cloth. This made the uncompassionate Elsie furious. Hansel tried to console his wife. Hansel took a deep breath and made the decision that from the next day onwards, Jack will sit at the dining table no more. And so, from the next day, Jack had to sit in the corner behind the stove. He was served food in the earthenware bowl. But Jack’s hand trembled and the bowl fell from his hand and smashed into pieces.

Elsie came running to the kitchen. She said, Oh no this was an expensive earthenware bowl that my family had gifted me. You old man living off on my husband earning and wasting our money. You don’t deserve to be served in an expensive bowl. But Jack said nothing and only sighed looking at the broken pieces of the bowl with eyes filled with tears. Meanwhile, Little Harry would watch all of this from a corner.

Jack was deeply hurt by the behavior of his son and daughter-in-law. Helpless he would often think about days of the past when hansel was a child.

From the next day, Elsie and Hansel bought him a wooden bowl for a few half-pence, out of which Jack had to eat. But Harry was the only thing that brought smile on Jack’s face. Harry would often come and sat beside Jack until he finished his meal. Weeks passed and the usual sad life of Jack continued. One day, while Elsie and Hansel were sitting by the fire. They noticed Harry collecting pieces of wood.

Elsie said: Look how innocently our son plays.

Hansel: What are you doing, Harry? Are you building a home for us?

Harry: No, I am planning to make wooden bowls for you.

Elsie: Wooden bowls for us? But son, we don’t need wooden bowls!

Harry: Not now, but when you become as old like grandpa, I don’t want you to be breaking earthenware. That’s why I am making them from now onward!
This struck hansel and Elsie straight into their hearts for they realized their mistake.

Elsie said: Let us repent and treat him better!

And thus, from the next day onward, they took good care of Jack. They ensured he always ate with them and made sure that he was always cheerful and jolly just as he used to be. Hansel vowed to always take care of his father! It was his son who had made him realize that one should always take care of their parents when they are old for they take care of you. When you are young.

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