A Story of Two Travelers


Once upon a time a tailor and a shoemaker decided to leave their tiny village and venture into towns and cities for better fortune!. As you will see the two of them were quite different from each other.

And after a day or so of walking, they reached a small town where they decided to try their luck. Since the tailor was lively and friendly, people thronged to him while the grumpy and annoyed shoemaker attracted almost no customers.

Tailor first customer: Here, sow me a shirt with this

tailor: Sir! Ah! fine color, a shirt of this color will suit you so well! You are a man of taste.

Tailor first customer: Thank You. Do you think you can have it ready by tomorrow?

Tailor: Oh! Certainly Sir!. I shall have it ready by tomorrow. You will look amazingly handsome in it.

Shoemaker customer: I also need new shoes. Can you have them ready by tomorrow?

Shoemaker replied: With feet as ugly and shapeless as that! It will take me all night to have the shoes ready by tomorrow!

Coins clinked in the tailor purse while hardly anyone came to the shoemaker. The shoemaker saw this and became jealous of the tailor. Soon, it was time for them to leave the town again.

Tailor: Come on friend, it is time for us to leave.

Shoemaker: Yes! it is all well for you to say that you have been lucky. But alas! My misfortune follows me wherever I go.

Tailor: Fortunes come and go, friend! Maybe you will find better luck in the next town. I shall buy our bread and our food for the way. Come!

Shoemaker: Mind you! we will have to carry food for seven days.

Tailor: No, the next city can be reached in two days. There is a short cut i have heard of!

Shoemaker: What if we do not find the short cut?. We shall have to take the longer route which will take us seven days.

Tailor: Well, I choose to believe in the best. So, we shall carry bread for seven days for you and bread for two days for me.

So, the tailor generously spent money for the shoemaker too and both of them left for the next town. They walked long and discovered that they miss the shortcut and now they would have to travel the long way to the city. Since the tailor had carried bread enough for only two days, his food was over. They walked on for two more days, and for those two days, the shoemaker heartily ate his bread while the tailor had nothing. The tailor became weary and hungry. On the third day, he could take it no more and requested the shoemaker.

Tailor: Brother, please, could you share some of your bread with me? I am so hungry, I have not eaten a morsel for the past two days and you have bread aplenty.

Shoemaker: Share it with you, so that gi hungry? You should have got you own bread when you could! If you want to get bread you will need to pay

Tailor: Fine

The amount of bread the shoemaker gave the tailor was too little to satisfy even a bird hunger, so the tailor starved. He became delirious, weak and tired. That afternoon, he felt dizzy and collapsed to the ground. The selfish, cruel shoemaker simply walked on his way to the city.

After a few hours, the tailor regained consciousness and heard two birds talk to him.

Birds: We saw what the bad shoemaker did to your friend. But life always has help for the kind and the generous. Eat this apple and all your tiredness will vanish. Then proceed to east. That is the way to the big city. Getting there should yet take you two days.

Tailor: Thank you, Thank you so much.

The Tailor tiredness disappeared as soon as he ate the first bite of the apple and soon he was on his way to the city again. But he soon became hungry again, for though he had the apple, humans need more than that to survive. But the apple had made him strong and so he saw ducks in a pond. He caught one of them.

Tailor: I am so hungry duck! I am sorry but I am going to have to cook for you.
Duck: Oh! Please, spare my life! I have kids and a family. If you cook me your hunger will be satisfied but for a few hours but my kids will lose their mother for life.
Tailor: Oh! Hungry as I might be, I cannot cause so much pain.
Duck: I promise that I shall return your kindness and help you when the time comes.

That is a noble thought. So the tailor still hungry continued walking and came to a honeycomb. and ask I can have some honey. That should satisfy my hunger for a bit.

Bee: Oh! Please. Don’t break our home! It has taken us so long to build it.

Tailor: I am so Hungry. I need to eat.

Bee: Our honey will satisfy your hunger but for a few hours, but we shall have to spend weeks rebuilding our hive.

Tailor: Oh alright, I shall let your home be.

Bee: Thank you human

So, the tailor continued walking and reached the big city. He embroidered a few kerchiefs for a merchant wife and got paid well. From that, he fed himself and set up a shop in the city. Soon, His chirpy, lively, good nature had customers thronging to him and he became the most popular tailor in the city. In fact, he became so popular that he was appointed as the royal tailor for the King. But life can take queer turns at times and just as the tailor was appointed in the palace, the shoemaker too had become the royal shoemaker and as always he was jealous of the tailor. The shoemaker was getting increasingly jealous of the tailor for the king seemed to favor the tailor more.

So he hashed a plan to get rid of the tailor. He made many bad p for him but failed in every respect. But King Was watching everything.

One day the king said to the shoemaker. What do you have to say to this, my man? Do you still say the tailor was boasting out of arrogance?

Shoemaker: I am sorry, Your Highness!

King: Well I have been wondering what kind of a man belittles another behind their back. Tou have been jealous of the tailor and that is why you had left him to starve in the forest.

Shoemaker: My lord you know?

King: I am the king and it is my business to know. I had the tailor followed and the creatures of the forest told me everything. It was true, life returns the good one does and it also returns the bad one does. You have been a mean and selfish shoemaker. You have no place in my kingdom or my palace.

Shoemaker: Your Highness!

Tailor: Can you not forgive him, sir?

King: I am forgiving him and that is why I have not put him in jail for trying to starve you. But he will not remain in my kingdom. Leave within the next hour and you tailor, I am proud to have a citizen like you in my kingdom and you shall remain here in comfort and luxury till the end of your ends.

Thus because of the good that he had done, the tailor lives with happiness and respect for the rest of his life, and for the bad that he did, the shoemaker had to leave the city and no one ever heard of him again.

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